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From the Chairperson's Desk
From the Chairperson's Desk
The Venus Vikas Sansthan was set up as Civil Society in the Year 1994 and it is generally known as Women organization. It works on shelter and rehabilitation of women and children, social justice, Health and population control, livelihood and to establish their concrete identity in the society. Apart from this, the Organization building, Leadership development, training & livelihood support, sustainable agriculture to accelerate social and economic development of the community. Artisan, farmers, students, youth, organization, elected member of the Panchayat, Peoples representatives, civil societies and other intellectual and socially aware people are some of the target groups of the organization to mobilize people's participatory projects in community. The organization is focusing utmost attention toward socially victimized, orphan. Homeless women and children to provide essential services and facilities for their safe survival. The Rehabilitation center for Women and Children provides essential accommodations for safe shelter and provides Capacity building and training, technical training for livelihood support. The Open shelter Home for children provides Food and lodge, education, technical training for mainstreaming. We need funds for sustaining the above activities of the organization. I appeal to the donors and the readers of this report to come forward with help and financial support in executing various activates in the coming future. I am grateful to the donor agencies, members, consultants, staff and well wishers who have guided and supported this organization in execution of various programmes. I look forward to their support and continued dedication and wish them all the best.
Dr. Nirmala