About Us
From the Chairperson's Desk
  • The Main objectives of the organization is to empower the out reach people and involve them in the main stream of development.
  • To educate the masses and provide them technical knowledge to create & develop employment opportunities at various stages in the society.
  • To strengthen the people through organization building for financial and infrastructural accessibilities.
  • To empower women by developing their social, mental, educational and intellectual capabilities
  • To organize women artisans of the deprived community and work for their economic and social development and removal of imbalances at all possible levels.
  • To provide facilities for better training, networking and institutional support and motivate them to contest elections and bring about gender equity in local self-governance,
  • To lay emphasis on literacy and education and open up avenues so that they are able to catch up with the literate sections and are not deprived of the fruits of economic development.
  • To encourage handicrafts, khadi and related village-level cottage work where manpower is involved and persuade the rural folks to engage in the same.
  • To work for the welfare of the handicapped and disabled persons and help them.
  • To work for the welfare of youth and organize and provide need-based training to them for self-employment, and entrepreneurship.
  • To provide facilities of health-care services and work for the eradication of communicable diseases and life threatening diseases in the lower strata of the society particularly in rural areas.
  • To create awareness on environmental issues and educate the public and industrial units and others for the prevention and control of pollution to land, air and water.
  • To create general awareness about common cause, sensitize people about legal rights and remedies and encourage them to organize themselves and obtain legal remedies through public interest litigation and advocacy.
  • To develop a culture of humanism through promotion of social equity and justice.
Dr. Nirmala